3 month Body fat update BODPOD

Not much change, but change!

So to remind you and to refresh your memory,

my initial Bodyfat and composition appointment was on 6-20-17.

 I weighed 131.58lbs

 23.4% Body Fat

 100.8lbs Fat Free Mass

 30.784lbs of Fat Mass

 28.75 inches Waist Girth

my second weigh-in and measurements were done on 9-14-17.

I weighed 131.75lbs (↑ up 0.17lbs in overall weight)

23.3% Body fat (↓ down 0.1%)

100.9lbs Fat Free Mass (↑ 0.1lbs of lean mass)

30.754lbs of Fat Mass (↓ 0.03lbs of fat mass)

27 inches Waist Girth (↓ 1.75 inches off my waist)

As I said before, there is not much change, but there IS change!

I am happy and excited to say that after 3 months of stretching my flexibility in SIT AND REACH also improved by from 11.3 inches to 13.25 inches!

That still blows my mind I can reach 1.95 inches further than I did 3 months ago!

So, even if you don’t see an active change in your body or weight, keep working at it, because it IS changing.

I have been doing some Camp Gladiator workouts 3 days a week for the last 4 weeks and I really love them. She has us going 1 hour straight hardly any rest in between and we are tired and soaked in sweat when we get done. I just wish we could afford for me to continue these workouts, but since we are on a one-income budget, I am not able to continue. Now if they have another one of those great $9 a month unlimited workout deals… I will sign up for that again.

In the meantime, I will try and re create these workouts at home.

Now here for some news that I have not given yall yet!

💥 I am scheduled to have the last 2 plastic surgeries to complete my transformation! 💖

😍 a inner thigh lift 😍 and a breast lift in December. The day before my 43rd birthday!😜