Hi, my name is Susanne. I am a 43 year old mother of 2, that finally decided after so many years that enough was enough and I needed to get healthy. After years and years of failed diet and exercise, and yo yo dieting, I decided my only other option was surgery. It was my time to shine and improve on my health. I now have become a runner and foodie.

In March 2015 I decided enough is enough and opted to see if I would qualify for a surgical option in weight loss. I went through the process of doctors appointments, informational meetings and 3 support group meetings before I was able to turn all my paperwork in. At the time I started the process I weighed in at 229lbs on a 5’5 frame. I had been struggling with high blood pressure since I was 19 (on medication) and high cholesterol since I was 24 (also on medication) I had trouble sleeping at night and snoring, but was never diagnosed with sleep apnea, because I never went to the doctor and complained.

My knees were bad, I had plantar fasciitis and a bone spur in my right foot.
In June 2015 I attended my last of the 3 support group meetings and at the end of the meeting I turned in all of my paperwork. I bought myself a fitbit, to keep track of how many steps I was walking, since the doctor had recommended to get about 10 thousand steps in per day. It was a struggle at first, but day after day I got stronger and I was able to walk more.

We went on a week long vacation to Puerto Rico and when I got back, I got that phone call from my surgeon. I will just call him Dr. H. We talked on the phone about my options and soon decided on the Gastric Sleeve and a surgery date. Now the wait began. My surgery was scheduled for August 25th. I only had to go on the liquid diet for 8 days prior to surgery, with the day before surgery on a CLEAR liquid only. It was finally here. To tell all my friends and family, or not to tell?

I opted to tell only a very few of my closest friends and not even all of my family. I knew if I would have told them I would have been in for a huge scolding. Sad but true.

Surgery day came and I was #2 on the schedule. I weighed in at 214lbs the morning of surgery.
It went well and 2 days later I was back home. I took the advice of Dr. H and walked as much as I could and my body allowed. Getting my fluids in was hard. I was sleeping a lot, not much energy, but at least I wasn’t on pain meds anymore. I took my last pain pill at the hospital. I only took nausea meds twice after getting home and nexium for heartburn once daily for the first few weeks per instructions.

I was taken off my blood pressure medication and my cholesterol medication as soon as I got out of the surgical room. Have not needed them since.

As soon as I was cleared to fully exercise I started running on the treadmill. Well, to be honest it was walking. I started out at a 2.5 mph pace and worked my way up. And this is how it all began. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, pinterest and instagram¬†
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