As you all know, I have lost 100lbs since starting my weight loss journey. After getting the Gastric Sleeve on August 26th 2015 I have used my tool to transform my body, and mind to be the healthiest version of myself.

I have struggled for years after always being the chubby one to become healthier and for a while exercise and eating I was doing just that. Then, I grew up, started working, partying and hanging out with friends drinking and dancing every weekend and I slowly started gaining again.

At the time I met hubby, I weighed in at 180lbs. Not my highest, but certainly pretty chubby.

Fast forward 2 pregnancies, 2 parents that past away, living in a country that was totally new to me without family and my familiar friends and I started ballooning.

At first I blamed it on the new way of eating here in the states, but that was one excuse after another. The kids… grew up and when my oldest graduated, I knew I had to get back in shape and wasn’t able to blame not having time because I had to take care of my babies as not working out.

I had done it before I could do it again. but after so many years of yoyoing, the doctors said we should try something else. So I had my surgery and I am so grateful they “talked” me into it.

I don’t have a Body fat percentage to go off from when I was at my highest, but I know it was HIGH.

Almost 2 years later, many miles of running and a tummy tuck and I am finally starting to see what I always knew was there. There might be a thigh lift still coming and maybe a boob lift, but other than that, I am planning on filling out everything else with pure muscle.

I was happy when I tested with my handheld Omron Bodyfat Analyzer at 21%, which according to the American College of Sports Medicine I fell into the good category for my age. But I wanted to see if this truly was my correct Bodyfat percentage. 21% just sounded too good to be true.

So I scheduled a Body Composition Analysis. The Bod Pod Assessment was pretty easy.

Prep was as follows:

  • No food (including gum, candy, mints), drink, tobacco, caffeine, or over the counter medications (including vitamins and supplements) for2 hours prior to testing.
  • ┬áNo physical activity 2 hours prior to testing
  • Appropriate attire:


  • Form fitting speedo or other lycra/spandex type swim suit
  • Single layer compression shorts
  • No jewelry


  • Form fitting speedo or other lycra/spandex type swim suit
  • Single layer compression shorts, no padding
  • Single layer no padding or underwire sports bra
  • No jewelry

I had to fill out a health questionnaire asking about my current exercise habits and any limitations.

After filling out my paper work she brought me into the exam rooms and

  • took my blood pressure reading
  • measured my waist
  • and weighed me in.

Then she had me dress down to my testing attire and put my hair into a swim cap.

I was feeling quite fancy!

She got the bod pod ready by doing calibrations and then it was my time to step in and get tested.

The first test was about 50 seconds, she then opened the pod and checked on me, to make sure I was ok. I felt a bit of pressure in my ears during the test, kinda if you are in an airplane, but it certainly didn’t’ hurt, then one more test and it was done.

I was able to get dressed and we went over the immediate results the bod pod gave me.

NOT BAD!!!! So the at home was a little off, which was too be expected since it only measures the upper half of your body with electric current, going in one hand through the upper body out the other hand. I carry most of my excess weight (and always have) in my belly and thighs.

So according to the chart I am in good fitness condition (and I am shooting for the excellent)

I have 31lbs of body fat and 101lbs of lean mass!!!! That sounds way better than 23% Body fat!!!


I am now scheduled for a Fitness Assessment (Aerobic Fitness (VO2 sub-maximal testing), Muscular Fitness (grip strength/back strength assessments), and Flexibility. Results of Fitness assessment are utilized for individual exercise prescription.)

Where they will measure my hear rate and get an idea of what my lung capacity ect are and over all fitness level to help me prepare a Strength training routine to build that muscle I want. I am soo excited!

It’s not until July 11th, but I am ready for it.