Day 1 of 5 day pouch reset

Goal for day 1 and day 2:

60-70g of protein

48-64 oz of liquids (including protein drinks)

Pre-made protein shakes: (Premiere protein in Cookies and Cream as well as Peaches and Cream), GNC lean shakes in Snickerdoodle

Clear premiere protein water

Vanilla flavored Whey Isolate powder and Syntrax nectar powder in Lemonade Stand.

I also bought reduced sodium chicken bone broth and beef bone broth and I had some creamed condensed soup left in my pantry.

Lowfat greek yogurts without chunks

Sugar free pudding cups and Sugar free fudge pops as well as unsweet applesauce.

I started out my morning with 3 cups of coffee, with Jordans Skinny syrup and a Coconut flavored creamer.

DAY 1 – 143.8lbs

7am – my first cup of coffee

7:45am – my second cup of coffee

8:30am – my third cup of coffee

10am – silk strawberry yogurt with 1 TBSP vanilla flavored whey isolate.

10:30am start 17oz water bottle

12:45pm 1 cup reduced sodium chicken bone broth

1:45pm 1 sugar free chocolate pudding snack with 1 TBSP vanilla flavored whey isolate

2:30pm 16oz of Syntrax Nectar -Roadside Lemonade

3:45 pm yoplait greek 100 whips – strawberry cheesecake

5pm GNC Snickerdoodle shake

6:30pm Poblano and Corn Chowder

7:15pm Sugar free fudge bar

7:45pm diet v8 energy drink

8:20pm vanilla sugar free pudding snack with 1 TBSP vanilla whey isolate

Total macros for today: 1081 calories, 93g protein, 120g carbs, 13g fiber, 51g sugar, 29g fat

Vlog for today