Day 2 of 5 day pouch reset

I started out my morning with 3 cups of coffee, with Jordan’s Skinny syrup and a Coconut flavored creamer.

7am – my first cup of coffee

7:45am – my second cup of coffee

8:30am – my third cup of coffee

8:45am – Tiramisu yogurt with 1 TBSP vanilla flavored whey isolate.

10:00am 17oz Tropical Punch Clear Premier Protein

11:25pm 1 cup Poblano and Corn Chowder

12pm water 8oz

1pm yoplait greek 100 protein and 1 TBSP Whey Isolate

2pm 8 oz water

2:15pm 8oz Diet V8 energy

2:50pm Iconic protein Coffee

4:10pm Chocolate Pudding pack (sf) with 1 TBSP Whey Isolate

4:45pm Bai drink

6:30pm Chicken Noodle soup

8:10pm Flapjacked Mighty Muffin

I realize that it seems like this has been a lot, but really I have nothing here. The chicken noodle soup, was with the chunks, and I ended up having the muffin, because I felt like I needed something that I could actually chew.

Total macros for today: 1201 calories, 117g protein, 123g carbs, 13g fiber, 50g sugar, 28g fat


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