Day 3 of 5 day Pouch reset

Today’s goals: Soft Proteins

In addition to day 1&2 liquids we can have:

Canned fish

Canned chicken


Soft fish like Tilapia


Cottage cheese

Soft fruits/vegetables

re-fried beans

mashed potatoes


6:30 am first cup of coffee (creamer and SF Syrup)

7:15am second cup coffee

8am third cup of coffee

8:45am Greek yoplait 100 with 1 TBSP Whey Isolate

10am 16oz bottle water

11:45am 1 scrambled egg, 2 slices of bacon, 3 cauliflower tots

1pm Bai Dragonfruit 18oz

2:25pm Low fat cottage cheese w/fruit on bottom and 1 TBSP Whey Isolate

3:10pm 8oz Diet V8 energy drink

4:05pm Yoplait greek yogurt with mandarin/pineapple fruitcup in Coconut water

5pm water 16oz

7pm Tortilla crusted baked tilapia(4oz), steamed broccoli(1/2cup), whole wheat couscous(1/4 cup)

8:30pm Mighty Muffin

vlog for today

Total macros for today: 1162 calories, 102g protein, 113g carbs, 11g fiber, 70g sugar, 32g fat