Day 5 of 5 day Pouch reset

Today’s goals: Solid Proteins

In addition to day 1&2&3&4 we can have:

Chicken breast



7 am first cup of coffee (creamer and sf torani syrup)7:30am second cup coffee

8:15am third cup of coffee

8:45am yoplait greek yogurt with 1 TBSP Whey Isolate and dole pineapple/mandarin fruitcup in light coconut water

10am 16oz bottle water

12 pm Turkey meatloaf and roasted green beans 1oz cheese

1pm 16oz bottle water

2:20pm 2%cottage cheese with fruit on bottom with 1 TBSP Whey Isolate/ 1/2 bag Kays Almond protein cookies

3:30pm 8oz Diet V8 energy drink

4:20pm premier protein shake (peaches and cream)

5:15pm water 16oz

6:45pm Lightly breaded chicken tenders, roasted green beans and 1/2 slice whole grain bread with spread.

7:30pm 16oz water

8:30pm Flapjacked Mighty Muffin

vlog for today

Total macros for today: 1360 calories, 127g protein, 130g carbs, 15g fiber, 68g sugar, 39g fat