Kale Chips

Never even heard of them until one day I stopped in at Starbucks to grab a Light Skinny Mocha Frappucino and saw a bag of Rythm Superfoods Kale chips inĀ  Zesty Nacho flavor staring at me. I was too scared to try them, but I always wondered. Fast forward to a little get together with a few of my Bariatric friends for our monthly After-Support-Group meeting at Starbucks to catch up and ChitChat. One of the gals bought the kale chips and asked if I wanted to try one. So I did. Not bad at all these were really good, kind of addicting, but way too expensive at almost $4 for a 2oz bag. So that brought me to thinking, maybe I can re-create this myself at home, for a fraction of the cost. $0.97 for a bundle of kale made about (4) 2oz bags!

Kale Chips

Kale Chips


  • Fresh Kale
  • canola oil
  • seasonings of choice


  1. After washing and drying I added some cold pressed organic canola oil and some garlic salt, placed them in my dehydrator.
  2. Shortly after on the vegetable setting out came these gorgeous Kale chips, very delicate and crisp, flavorful. I think I will make these again very soon and try them with maybe a ranch flavor by using powdered ranch dressing mix. so many flavor combinations to try.



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