Mastopexy and Thighplasty

So, as said before, I was scheduled for a Mastopexy and Thighplasty for December 8th 2017, 1 day before my 43rd Birthday!

I am going to spare you from posting pictures, because these are quite graphic. They are however on my instagram if you want to be really grossed out.

I had both surgeries combined and my surgeon took took 1250cc in fat with the liposuction from my thighs. She also took 28g of tissue from my left breast as well as 56g from the right breast.

I was already off pain meds sinceĀ  day 2. Taking it easy and letting myself heal.

Recovery so far had been uneventful, except for the small triangular wound separation on the t-section of my right thigh. That I was treating with bacitracin and bandage at the time.