Metabolic Testing

I decided to get Metabolic Testing done, to figure out what my body burns in calories on a daily basis.

It all started with the notion of me trying to cross something off my bucket list.

A Bikini Competition

Women’s Bikini-Fitness :ourdisc-wombodfit-01This category has been introduced in 2011 and is aimed at women who keep their
body in shape and eat healthy. Overall body lines, balance and proportions, body
tone and healthy appearance are taken into consideration. High-intensity weight
training and hard, lean muscles are not necessary. The emphasis is on a well-shaped, fit, healthy and attractive appearance, similar to that of models.
Competitors are assessed in two rounds, wearing a two-piece bikini and high-heels.
In both rounds, quarter-turns, including front, back and both sides stance, are
performed. As well, the final round begins with “I-walking”, which gives each
competitor a chance to present her body and her charm on the move. This
competition started with one open class and – due to the extreme popularity –
expanded to eight body-height categories nowadays: 158 cm, 160 cm, 162 cm, 164 cm, 166 cm, 169
cm, 172 cm and over 172 cm.Bikini-Fitness photo: Amateur Olympia winner Maria PAULETE ARANGUREN (Spain).

With this in mind I went to talk with a Sports Nutritionist to figure out what my calories should be for bulking (increasing calories and weight training for gaining muscle) and cutting (decreasing calories for leaning out).

Since I had bariatric surgery, my requirements and metabolism is completely different than someone who did not undergo weight loss surgery. She was able to look at my food journal and said it looks good and I shouldn’t change anything in my eating, but since she had no idea what my body would be burning on a day to day basis, she was not able to put a plan together for me to help with bulking or cutting. There was no base rate to go off. So she asked me to have my metabolic testing done to see what my body burns daily just by keeping myself alive and daily activities.

Last week, after coming back from our cruise (yup I gained 5lbs) I went to have my Metabolic Testing done at our Local Army Wellness Center.

But first:

What is Metabolic Testing?

Metabolic tests measure the rate at which your body burns calories during different activities. During a typical assessment at your health club, a qualified trainer will measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and your metabolic rate during various intensities of exercise. In most cases, the numbers are then assembled into a personalized exercise program tailored to improve your specific metabolic profile and help you to lose weight.

For this test I was asked to be fasting for a minimum of 5 hours prior to the test, No make up or lotions on the upper torso.

I had to answer a few questions about my activity levels, exercise habits and daily routines, and was categorized at  “Sedentary” because I sit in front of the computer for most of my day, even if I go on my 3 mile runs 5 days a week. Most time is spend sitting.

Then I was weighed, and asked to lay on the bed and Johnathan placed a mask over my face and made sure to remind me NOT to fall asleep during the 15 minute test. Just lay there…. and breathe… So boring, but it was manageable.

After the machine was done testing (You breathe normal for 15 minutes while your oxygen consumption is measured) I got my partial result.

My RMR was 1144. That means, by just laying there, breathing, my body is burning on a daily average 1144 calories just to keep me alive.

For me to be able to receive the full result, I had to attend a Upping Your Metabolism Class, which I did yesterday.

My results, where he calculated my sedentary lifestyle (sitting in front of the computer most of the day) and my at this time very slow paced 2-3 mile daily walks (since I had just a scar revision surgery) and NO other exercise we came to a minimum total of calories I should be consuming to maintain my weight and what I needed to do to lose weight.

He identified my metabolism as slow and in the little chart to the right you can see the breakdown of calories.

RMR 1144

Lifestyle (sitting during most of the day) 344

Exercise 7 days a week at a very slow pace 200

Brings the total of calories I should be consuming to maintain at 1688

to lose weight at about 0.5lbs a week I should be consuming 1438 calories a day, no more, no less.

Now the calories will increase with activity, if I burn more calories with exercise, the numbers change. Let’s say I add in a Jillian Michael’s 30 minute workout everyday and my exercise calories burned go from 200 calories average to 300 or 400 calories average, I would adjust those but still subtract the 250 calories for a weight loss. Does that make sense?

So Friday, I will go back in for another Bod Pod appointment to see what my current Bodyfat Percentage is (last time this was done back in September and I weighed 132lbs with a 23.4% BF) As you can see, I have since gained a few pounds and I am currently at 143lbs. Once I have all my current results I am scheduling a follow up appointment with the Sports Nutritionist and we will go from there.