Recovery Tummy Tuck

I woke up in the recovery area with two great nurses. They kept me comfortable and made sure they met my needs, one of the pressure cuffs around my right calve didn’t pump, so they checked it out and got it to working.

From recovery, as soon as I was able to see clear without double vision, I was moved into the temporary room where they made me change from bed to a recliner. I had to be able to eat something and drink something before they were able to discharge me. At this time they also brought hubby back in.

I could see how relieved he was seeing I was up and already back to eating. I had an apple juice, some cranberry juice, then they gave me some unsalted soda crackers and graham cracker.  I kept everything down and was cleared to go home after they got all my prescriptions together and went over post op care with me.

Finally in the car, I asked hubby to stop by the store to get some sugar free Popsicle’s for my sore throat. Pain was tolerable at this point. Getting in and out of the bed was not an easy task. I had to have hubby help pull me upright since everything was so tight.