The first week Tummy Tuck

So they say the first week after surgery is the hardest…

Immediate after surgery and the first two days were pretty much spend in bed sleeping and resting. Day 3 after surgery is what my PA had referenced to as Shower day. This was the first time I was allowed to remove the binder and my dressings and take a shower. It felt really awkward not having the binder around my tummy. I was also allowed to take off the clear tape over my belly button and take out the gauze. I was instructed to take my shower but to make sure no soap got onto my incision and not to rub when washing or drying off. My hubby helped with washing my hair and I had hung my drains around my neck from a lanyard to not get them caught on something and not to pull them out on accident.

Walking gets easier and I had my first BM today. I made sure to take Colace per instructions, had some Prune juice and coffee to get me going. I still get tired and the drains are slowing drastically down with their output. I am hoping to get them pulled out tomorrow.

I had 12cc in the right over the last 24 hours and 20cc in the left.

I am a side sleeper and having these drains in I have to sleep on my back making sure I don’t accidentally squish the drains or pull them out.

I am still waling hunched over but I am no longer shuffling my feet.

Step counts have been embarrassing low.

Day 1 after surgery total steps were 167.

Day 2 total steps were 460

Day 3 total steps were 419