Week 2 thru 4 Tummy Tuck

Today, marks 2 weeks since the abdominoplasty.

Both of the JP-drains are out.  I have a very slight amount of oozing from both drain sites and was advised at my follow up appointment to start using a Neosporin type of cream over them.

The PA was very happy with my healing process so far. He said everything looks great and most of the sticky tape over my incision should be gone by the next time I come in. 2 weeks from now on April 7th I have my 1 month follow up. He is hoping that most of my stitches around the belly button will have dissolved by then and my incisions should be closed completely.

I am continuing to wear my binder for the first 6 weeks he said.

Hopefully at my appointment all incisions are healed and I can start with scar treatment.

He said I can shower as normal,  but still no soaking until all stitches have dissolved.  He explained that sometimes they can act like a candle fuse and introduce bad bacteria. I am able to suntan outside as long as I keep my incisions covered. In the first year the incisions are hyper sensitive and will absorb the sun at a more rapid rate causing the scars to darken permanently. So the best thing is to keep them covered for the first year after.

I am perfectly fine with that.  I want them to be as light and flat as possible so I will do everything in my power to let them heal.