Week 6 Tummy Tuck

Finally week 6 is here and I am able to remove the Binder!

I am no longer required to wear the binder 23/7 and I am so happy about that!

here a quick look at what the incisions look like now.

I am now starting to use a scar cream to help fade my scars. Doctor had told me at my 4 week follow up that I am able to go back to normal exercise now. Just don’t over do and stop when something hurts. I am starting out with slow running again. I cannot wait to get into shaping with some squats and inner thigh exercises as well as upper body firming of my arms.

I am able to do almost everything without any discomfort now at this point. Saturday hubby and I are signed up for my first 5k since the Tummy tuck, and I am anxious to see what I can do and how far I can push myself.

I have been slow going on the treadmill the past 2 weeks, and I am hoping I can finish under 45 minutes!

At my 3 month appointment I am able to bring up in conversation my questions about

  • Inner thighs (if he thinks I am able to firm them up and fill out with muscle —-or… if he recommends skin removal)
  • Booty (if he thinks I am able to firm them up and fill out with muscle —-or… if he thinks I need BBL or implants)
  • Boobs (if he thinks I am able to get away with just a lift —-or… if he thinks I need a lift and augmentation)